Species [Help]
(26,326 seqs[Help]
(34,972 seqs) [Help]
(35,791 seqs) [Help]
(40,087 seqs[Help]
(35,908 seqs[Help]
(30,654 seqs) [Help]
( 4,595 seqs) [Help]
(20,572 seqs) [Help]
( 6,216 seqs) [Help]
Restriction against Unannotated/Annotated proteins  [Help]
Sequence and
Length (aa) [Help]
Charged% [Help]
Nonpolar% [Help]
Acidic% [Help]
Basic% [Help]
Low Complexity% [Help]
GRAVY [Help]
pI [Help]
Solubility (SOLpro) [Help]
Structural Properties
Solvent Accessibility% (ACCpro) [Help]
β sheet% (SSpro) [Help]
Disorder% (RONN) [Help]
Signal (SignalP) [Help]
Membrane (TMHMM) [Help]
S-S bond (DIpro) [Help]
Domain Linker (DROP) [Help]

Functional Region
PASS [Help]
Rosetta Stone-composite [Help]
Rosetta Stone-component [Help]
Functional Annotation
Pfam [Help]
UniProt-plant [Help]
UniProt-sprot [Help]
EC Number [Help]
PDB-identities% [Help]
KOG [Help]

Modification and
Subcellular Location
Ubiquitination site (UbPred) [Help]
N-glycosylation site (NetNGlyc) [Help]
O-glycosylation site [Help]
Subcellular Location (TargetP) [Help]
Subcellular Location (WoLF PSORT) [Help]

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